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0W6 128 010689-0207Lathyrus aphaca L. TurkeyW6Not Available1989COLLECTED06/01/1989Northeast facing slope, scattered oak scrub, grazed. Soil clay red, rocky. Northwest side Hazar Lake, near cemetery, approx. 3km S of Firat University Res. Sta. On the road Elazig to Diyarbakir, Elazig Province.38.50000000, 39.366666671270WILDAnnual and perennial plants. Crateagus, Prunus sp. present.1003220W6 128
1W6 2020 050689-0305Lathyrus stenophyllus Boiss. & Heldr. Mardin, TurkeyW61989COLLECTED06/05/1989Among wild wheat. Scattered oak scrub. Thin rocky soil. Rocky limestone. W and N facing slopes. 5.8km E of Dereici on road from Savur to Midyat.37.55000000, 41.016666671050WILDPlants upright.1017673W6 2020
2W6 2023 060689-0103Lathyrus aphaca L. Mardin, TurkeyW6Not Available1989COLLECTED06/06/1989Weed on edge of ditch along road. Cultivated fields disturbed roadside, rocky limestone slopes with much wild Pistaccio and Quercus trees. About 1km S of road. 21km NE of Senkoy on road to Savur, approximately 6km W of Icoren.37.55000000, 41.050000001060CULTIVATEDPlants small, 8-10cm. Seeds large and black.1017691W6 2023
3W6 2078 090689-0307Lathyrus cicera L. Siirt, TurkeyW6SEEDNot Available1989COLLECTED06/09/1989Oak scrub. Partially grazed, sunny openings of deep red soils dominated by Aegilops sp. and Triticum sp. Associated with Lathyrus and other annuals. 63.1km E of Siirt on road to Pervari or 7.6km E of road to Doganca.37.93333333, 42.333333331450WILDViny type. Pods shattered.1018061W6 2078
4W6 2747 WJK 2Lathyrus aphaca L. SyriaW6Not Available1989COLLECTED05/18/1989Lentil field at Tel Hadya, at the ICARDA Station.320WILDSeed medium black.1021723W6 2747
5W6 2748 WJK 3Lathyrus cicera L. SyriaW6SEEDNot Available1989COLLECTED05/18/1989Lentil field at Tel Hadya, at the ICARDA Station.320WILDSeed various sizes, brown.1021724W6 2748
6W6 2763 WJK 6Lathyrus aphaca L. SyriaW6Not Available1989COLLECTED05/18/1989Lentil field at Tel Hadya, at the ICARDA Station.320WILDSeed small, black colored.1021779W6 2763
7W6 2804 030689-0304Lathyrus cicera L. TurkeyW6SEEDNot Available1989COLLECTED06/03/1989Steep north facing slope. Hard limestone outcrops and limestone rubble. Scattered Coppiced. Heavily grazed. 19km S of Cinar or 3km before Yukari-Konak, Diyarbakir Province.37.60000000, 40.50000000850WILDWild barley, H. spontaneum and diploid wheat present.1021976W6 2804
8W6 2818 150689-0106Lathyrus saxatilis (Vent.) Vis. TurkeyW6Not Available1989COLLECTED06/15/1989Steep rocky slopes (40%), Malatya-Kayseri road, 73km from Matalya, just before village of Yukariulupinar, Malatya Province.38.38333333, 37.600000001710WILD1022045W6 2818
9PI 602366 W6 3509Lathyrus japonicus Willd. United StatesW61990COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1025027PI 602366
10W6 4872 W6 4872Lathyrus tuberosus L. Wyoming, United StatesW61990COLLECTEDGrowing along small rocky, sandy ditch in Washahie County, approx. 12.9 km E of Ten Sleep, Wyoming.1459WILD1029576W6 4872
11W6 8267 8122Lathyrus aphaca L. UzbekistanW61991COLLECTED05/31/1991Eastern aspect, weedy disused terrace 1km into reserve near Kyzyl Su. Associated with walnut plantation and rough pasture38.96666667, 67.066666671280WILDAdditional voucher locations: MO, G, ERE1042988W6 8267
12W6 8268 8133Lathyrus aphaca L. UzbekistanW61991COLLECTED06/01/1991Flat vineyard and apple orchard 12km east of Yakkabag near Beshkapa. Associated with apple and grapes.38.95000000, 66.83333333860WILD1042992W6 8268
13W6 8269 8192-aLathyrus aphaca L. TajikistanW61991COLLECTED06/09/1991Flat roadside 9km northwest of Ura Tubye near Pakat.39.98333333, 68.98333333800WILD1042997W6 8269
14W6 9045 IFLA 587Lathyrus basalticus Rech. f. SyriaW6Not Available1991COLLECTEDCULTIVATED1046311W6 9045
15W6 9046 IFLA 380Lathyrus blepharicarpus Boiss. SyriaW6Not Available1991COLLECTEDCULTIVATED1046319W6 9046
16W6 9047 IFLA 603Lathyrus cassius Boiss. SyriaW6Not Available1991COLLECTEDCULTIVATED1046322W6 9047
17PI 604496 IFLA 884Lathyrus chrysanthus Boiss. SyriaW6Not Available1991COLLECTEDCULTIVATED1046328PI 604496
18W6 9050 IFLA 795Lathyrus marmoratus Boiss. & Blanche SyriaW6Not Available1991COLLECTEDCULTIVATED1046338W6 9050
19W6 9051 0990Lathyrus nervosus Lam. New Zealand Historic1991DONATED09/04/1991CULTIVATED1046346W6 9051
20W6 9052 0869Lathyrus sphaericus Retz. TurkeyW6Not Available1991COLLECTEDCULTIVATED1046351W6 9052
21W6 9390 WILD PEA #3Lathyrus aphaca L. North-West Frontier, Pakistan Historic1991COLLECTED04/1986Malakandher Farm, Peshawar.CULTIVATEDWeed found in wheat fields. Matures in April, approx. 3 weeks before wheat. Seldom found on uncultivated land due to overgrazing by Afghan refugees' sheep and goats. Seed very small, green. Dehisces when mature.1048347W6 9390
22W6 9416 TU85-077-01Lathyrus hirsutus L. Bitlis, TurkeyW6Not Available1986COLLECTED08/10/1985Oak forest on steep NW slope, 3.2km from Kavak on the road from Mutki, Bitlis Province.38.46666667, 41.833333331460WILDSoil ph 6.83. Plants climbing over brush in semi-shade at edge of forest and in sunnier spots in the forest.1048516W6 9416
23W6 9505 W6 9505Lathyrus clymenum L. Andalucía, SpainW6Not Available1992COLLECTED05/09/1991Colegio Mayor Universitario123CULTIVATED1048943W6 9505
24W6 9506 W6 9506Lathyrus clymenum L. SpainW6Not Available1992COLLECTED05/12/1991Sierra Morena Mountains north of Cordoba.300CULTIVATEDFlowers purple.1048950W6 9506
25W6 10687 W6 10687Lathyrus sylvestris L. Washington, United StatesW6Not Available1992DONATED08/11/1992WILD1053254W6 10687
26W6 12084 010785-01Lathyrus cicera L. TurkeyW6SEEDNot Available1985COLLECTED07/06/198512km from Gaziantep on road to Urfa800WILDPlants few, short, dry, mostly shattered. 3 seeds found1059026W6 12084
27W6 12085 100785-0302Lathyrus cassius Boiss. TurkeyW61985COLLECTED07/10/19859km west of Silvan going toward DiyarbakirWILDPlants mostly dry and shattered1059029W6 12085
28W6 12087 290685-0102Lathyrus annuus L. TurkeyW6Not Available1985COLLECTED06/28/198516km from Samandag, Turkey on road to Yayladagi650WILDPlants few, mostly shattered1059041W6 12087
29W6 12942 X93024Lathyrus tuberosus L. Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu, ChinaW61993COLLECTED08/07/1993Diverse natural pasture used for hay cutting, gently rolling hills, 44km southwest of Dafeng, Xinjiang43.86666667, 86.350000001600WILD1061954W6 12942
30W6 13157 X93253Lathyrus tuberosus L. Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu, ChinaW61993COLLECTED08/24/199354km south and east of Urumqi, along margins of wheat fields on the Gango Stud Farm, Xinjiang43.85000000, 87.866666671250WILD1062578W6 13157
31W6 14868 Titarros (Spanish name)Lathyrus cicera L. SpainW6SEED1987COLLECTED06/08/1987Cuenca and Albacete ProvincesCULTIVARPossibly a mixture of Lathyrus species with barley1069182W6 14868
32NSL 15361 CUTHBERTSON FLORIBUNDA MIXEDLathyrus odoratus L. California, United StatesW6SEEDNot Available1962DONATED1962CULTIVAR1071250NSL 15361
33W6 7118 EARLY MULTIFLORA BLAZE SUPREMELathyrus odoratus L. California, United StatesW6SEEDNot Available1962DONATED1962CULTIVAR1071497W6 7118
34PI 615557 EA MULTI SHIRLEY TEMPLE SUPREMLathyrus odoratus L. California, United StatesW6SEEDNot Available1962DONATED1962CULTIVAR1071500PI 615557
35PI 615558 EA MULTI DEEP ELKS PUR SUPREMELathyrus odoratus L. California, United StatesW6SEEDNot Available1962DONATED1962CULTIVAR1071509PI 615558
36PI 615559 EA MULTI CRANBERRY RED SUPREMELathyrus odoratus L. California, United StatesW6SEEDNot Available1962DONATED1962CULTIVAR1071512PI 615559
37PI 615560 SPENCER PIRATE GOLDLathyrus odoratus L. California, United StatesW6SEEDNot Available1962DONATED1962CULTIVAR1071521PI 615560
38NSL 15598 CUTHBERTSON FLORIBUNDA DAWNLathyrus odoratus L. California, United StatesW6SEEDNot Available1962DONATED1962CULTIVAR1072497NSL 15598
39PI 172931 CULBANTLathyrus cicera L. TurkeyW61949COLLECTEDMarket, Gaziantep, Gaziantep.CULTIVATED1150332PI 172931
40PI 174236 Lathyrus cicera L. TurkeyW61949COLLECTEDMarket, Nizip, Gaziantep.CULTIVATED1151212PI 174236
41PI 175002 Lathyrus aphaca L. UruguayW61949DONATED02/1949UNCERTAIN1151825PI 175002
42PI 180845 Lathyrus aphaca L. TurkeyW61949COLLECTEDFrom Eskisehir Seed Improvement Station, eskisehir, Eskisehir.CULTIVATED1156639PI 180845
43PI 180846 Lathyrus aphaca L. TurkeyW61949COLLECTEDFrom Eskisehir Seed Improvement Station, eskisehir, Eskisehir.CULTIVATED1156640PI 180846
44PI 206373 Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. CyprusW61953COLLECTEDSeeds obtained in 1952 from Dr. Kenneth Jones, Director of Agriculture, Nicosia.UNCERTAIN1172919PI 206373
45PI 206374 Lathyrus cicera L. CyprusW61953COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1172920PI 206374
46PI 208307 Lathyrus cicera L. South AfricaW61953COLLECTEDFrom near Darling, Cape Province.WILD1173799PI 208307
47PI 219924 Lathyrus aphaca L. AfghanistanW61954COLLECTEDFrom Chal-i-ztar, south of Girishk, Kandahar.WILD1178218PI 219924
48PI 220177 Lathyrus aphaca L. AfghanistanW61954COLLECTEDFrom Central Arghandab Valley, near Kandahar.WILD1178379PI 220177
49PI 226008 LOUVANALathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. IsraelW61955COLLECTEDCULTIVATED1181516PI 226008
50PI 227308 Lathyrus cicera L. IranW6SEED1955COLLECTEDFrom 30 miles north of Andimenshk along road to Khorramabad.WILD1182128PI 227308
51PI 227511 Lathyrus aphaca L. IranW61955COLLECTEDFrom Homaijan, near Ardakan, Fars.WILD1182237PI 227511
52PI 227518 Lathyrus aphaca L. IranW61955COLLECTEDFrom Homaijan, near Ardakan, Fars.WILD1182242PI 227518
53PI 227520 Lathyrus aphaca L. IranW61955COLLECTEDFrom Kowkun Valley, Fars.WILD1182244PI 227520
54PI 229567 Lathyrus cicera L. GreeceW61955DONATED10/25/1955UNCERTAIN1182931PI 229567
55PI 229794 Lathyrus chloranthus Boiss. IranW6FLOWER1955COLLECTEDFrom 40 miles north of Kermanshah along road to Sanandaj.WILD1183084PI 229794
56PI 230664 Lathyrus cicera L. W6SEED1955COLLECTEDFrom Great Britain.UNCERTAIN1183456PI 230664
57PI 234669 Lathyrus hirsutus L. FranceW61956COLLECTEDFrom 8 km. southwest of Montpellier.WILD1185088PI 234669
58PI 236481 Lathyrus latifolius L. NetherlandsW6PLANT1957COLLECTEDFrom the United States, originally from the Netherlands.UNCERTAIN1185744PI 236481
59PI 237561 Lathyrus clymenum L. ItalyW61957DONATED02/27/1957UNCERTAIN1186247PI 237561
60PI 237639 Lathyrus cicera L. SyriaW61957COLLECTEDOriginally from Syria.UNCERTAIN1186306PI 237639
61PI 242792 Lathyrus clymenum L. South Australia, AustraliaW6Not Available1957DONATED10/09/1957UNCERTAIN1188047PI 242792
62PI 250758 Lathyrus cicera L. IranW6SEED1958COLLECTEDFrom 135 km. northwest of Ardebil, Moghan road.WILD1193755PI 250758
63PI 255365 Lathyrus annuus L. Former Serbia and MontenegroW61959COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1195773PI 255365
64PI 255367 Lathyrus clymenum L. Former Serbia and MontenegroW61959COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1195774PI 255367
65PI 268322 Lathyrus annuus L. IranW6Not Available1960COLLECTEDWILD1201823PI 268322
66PI 268406 Lathyrus aphaca L. AfghanistanW61960COLLECTEDWILD1201876PI 268406
67PI 271361 1405Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. IndiaW61961COLLECTEDFrom the Indian Agricultural Research Institute.CULTIVATED1204149PI 271361
68PI 283480 CPI 10001Lathyrus aphaca L. Australian Capital Territory, AustraliaW61962DONATED10/02/1962UNCERTAIN1210637PI 283480
69PI 283481 CPI 13731Lathyrus aphaca L. Australian Capital Territory, AustraliaW61962DONATED10/02/1962UNCERTAIN1210638PI 283481
70PI 283482 CPI 13904Lathyrus aphaca L. Australian Capital Territory, AustraliaW61962DONATED10/02/1962UNCERTAIN1210641PI 283482
71PI 283483 CPI 14188Lathyrus aphaca L. Australian Capital Territory, AustraliaW61962DONATED10/02/1962UNCERTAIN1210642PI 283483
72PI 283484 CPI 14855Lathyrus aphaca L. Australian Capital Territory, AustraliaW61962DONATED10/02/1962UNCERTAIN1210645PI 283484
73PI 283485 CPI 15095Lathyrus aphaca L. Australian Capital Territory, AustraliaW61962DONATED10/02/1962UNCERTAIN1210646PI 283485
74PI 283486 CPI 13577Lathyrus clymenum L. Australian Capital Territory, AustraliaW61962DONATED10/02/1962UNCERTAIN1210649PI 283486
75PI 283487 CPI 16534Lathyrus clymenum L. Australian Capital Territory, AustraliaW61962DONATED10/02/1962UNCERTAIN1210650PI 283487
76PI 283488 CPI 16535Lathyrus clymenum L. Australian Capital Territory, AustraliaW61962DONATED10/02/1962UNCERTAIN1210653PI 283488
77PI 283489 CPI 16536Lathyrus clymenum L. Australian Capital Territory, AustraliaW61962DONATED10/02/1962UNCERTAIN1210654PI 283489
78PI 283490 CPI 16537Lathyrus clymenum L. Australian Capital Territory, AustraliaW61962DONATED10/02/1962UNCERTAIN1210655PI 283490
79PI 283491 CPI 16538Lathyrus clymenum L. Australian Capital Territory, AustraliaW61962DONATED10/02/1962UNCERTAIN1210658PI 283491
80PI 283492 CPI 16539Lathyrus clymenum L. Australian Capital Territory, AustraliaW61962DONATED10/02/1962UNCERTAIN1210659PI 283492
81PI 283493 CPI 16540Lathyrus clymenum L. Australian Capital Territory, AustraliaW61962DONATED10/02/1962UNCERTAIN1210662PI 283493
82PI 283494 CPI 16541Lathyrus clymenum L. Australian Capital Territory, AustraliaW61962DONATED10/02/1962UNCERTAIN1210663PI 283494
83PI 283495 CPI 16542Lathyrus clymenum L. Australian Capital Territory, AustraliaW61962DONATED10/02/1962UNCERTAIN1210666PI 283495
84PI 283496 CPI 18267Lathyrus clymenum L. England, United Kingdom Historic1962COLLECTED1210667PI 283496
85PI 283497 CPI 13163Lathyrus cicera L. PortugalW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210669PI 283497
86PI 283498 CPI 13428Lathyrus cicera L. GreeceW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210670PI 283498
87PI 283499 CPI 13556Lathyrus cicera L. NorwayW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210673PI 283499
88PI 283500 CPI 14295Lathyrus cicera L. GreeceW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210674PI 283500
89PI 283501 CPI 14296Lathyrus cicera L. GreeceW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210677PI 283501
90PI 283502 CPI 14297Lathyrus cicera L. GreeceW6SEED1962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210678PI 283502
91PI 283503 CPI 16542Lathyrus clymenum L. PortugalW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210679PI 283503
92PI 283504 CPI 16543Lathyrus cicera L. PortugalW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210682PI 283504
93PI 283505 CPI 16556Lathyrus cicera L. PortugalW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210683PI 283505
94PI 283506 CPI 20471Lathyrus cicera L. CyprusW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210685PI 283506
95PI 283507 CPI 20472Lathyrus cicera L. CyprusW6SEED1962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210686PI 283507
96PI 283508 CPI 20473Lathyrus cicera L. CyprusW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210688PI 283508
97PI 283509 CPI 20474Lathyrus cicera L. CyprusW6SEED1962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210689PI 283509
98PI 283510 CPI 20475Lathyrus cicera L. CyprusW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210692PI 283510
99PI 283511 CPI 20476Lathyrus cicera L. CyprusW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210693PI 283511
100PI 283512 CPI 20480Lathyrus cicera L. CyprusW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210696PI 283512
101PI 283513 CPI 20485Lathyrus cicera L. CyprusW6SEED1962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210697PI 283513
102PI 283514 CPI 20787Lathyrus cicera L. GreeceW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210700PI 283514
103PI 283515 CPI 13164Lathyrus clymenum L. PortugalW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210701PI 283515
104PI 283516 CPI 13165Lathyrus clymenum L. PortugalW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210704PI 283516
105PI 283518 CPI 16544Lathyrus clymenum L. PortugalW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210707PI 283518
106PI 283519 CPI 20477Lathyrus clymenum L. CyprusW6SEED1962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210708PI 283519
107PI 283521 CPI 25090Lathyrus hirsutus L. TunisiaW6FLOWERNot Available1962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210712PI 283521
108PI 283523 CPI 9124Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. IsraelW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210715PI 283523
109PI 283525 LOUVANALathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. CyprusW61962COLLECTEDCULTIVATED1210718PI 283525
110PI 283527 LOUVANALathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. CyprusW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210721PI 283527
111PI 283528 BN12740-61 MOROCLathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. Morocco Historic1962COLLECTED1210722PI 283528
112PI 283530 CPI 14972Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. IsraelW61962COLLECTEDCULTIVATED1210726PI 283530
113PI 283531 CPI 16229Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. CyprusW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210727PI 283531
114PI 283533 CPI 16546Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. PortugalW6Not Available1962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210731PI 283533
115PI 283534 CPI 16547Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. PortugalW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210732PI 283534
116PI 283535 CPI 16548Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. PortugalW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210735PI 283535
117PI 283536 CPI 16949Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. PortugalW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210736PI 283536
118PI 283537 CPI 16550Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. PortugalW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210739PI 283537
119PI 283538 CPI 16551Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. PortugalW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210740PI 283538
120PI 283540 CPI 20478Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. CyprusW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210744PI 283540
121PI 283542 CPI 20479Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. CyprusW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210747PI 283542
122PI 283544 CPI 20482Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. CyprusW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210750PI 283544
123PI 283545 CPI 20483Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. CyprusW61962COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1210751PI 283545
124PI 286527 BN13637-62Lathyrus aphaca L. AfghanistanW61963COLLECTEDWheatfield 22 miles south of Kabul, road to Kandahar. WILDPlants in wild 10 1215274PI 286527
125PI 286528 Lathyrus aphaca L. AfghanistanW61963COLLECTEDWILD1215275PI 286528
126PI 292462 59-51Lathyrus aphaca L. IsraelW61963DONATED08/12/1963UNCERTAIN1222005PI 292462
127PI 292790 BN14543-64Lathyrus clymenum L. SwedenW61963DONATED09/18/1963UNCERTAIN1222133PI 292790
128PI 292797 BN14550-64Lathyrus tingitanus L. SwedenW61963DONATED09/18/1963UNCERTAIN1222134PI 292797
129PI 308016 76Lathyrus aphaca L. SlovakiaW61965COLLECTEDAcademy of Sciences, Botanical Garden, PruhoniceUNCERTAIN1230145PI 308016
130PI 314444 207Lathyrus aphaca L. Former, Soviet UnionW61966COLLECTEDEnampta hayfields, 80km southeast of Telavi WILDAnnual, to 14in high 10 1234773PI 314444
131PI 315704 BN-4320-46Lathyrus japonicus Willd. subsp. japonicus Maryland, United StatesW61966DONATED06/29/1966UNCERTAIN1235488PI 315704
132PI 326382 502Lathyrus aphaca L. Former, Soviet UnionW61968COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1242093PI 326382
133PI 326383 505Lathyrus hirsutus L. Former, Soviet UnionW61968COLLECTEDUNCERTAIN1242094PI 326383
134PI 331100 Lathyrus cicera L. GreeceW6SEED1968DONATED06/18/1968UNCERTAIN1246396PI 331100
135PI 343997 22666Lathyrus annuus L. TurkeyW6Not Available1969COLLECTED1969Cennet and Cehennem ruins east of Silifke. Scattered, wild population among limestone rocks and bushes.60WILD1256651PI 343997
136PI 344075 22651Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. TurkeyW6Not Available1969COLLECTED19695km southwest of Kale near seacoast. Dark clay soil from limestone.100WILDAnnual, stems winged, pair of wings along pod rib 10 1256725PI 344075
137PI 344076 22638Lathyrus clymenum L. TurkeyW61969COLLECTED1969Orchania village, Marmaris District. Limestone, dry-farm terrace.CULTIVATEDSmall annual vine cultivated for edible seed 10 1256726PI 344076
138PI 358822 61-53Lathyrus aphaca L. IsraelW61971COLLECTED1963Segev. Brown rendzina soil. Rainfall 700mm.700WILDField vegetation 10 1267934PI 358822
139PI 358823 20-54Lathyrus aphaca L. Historic1971COLLECTEDWadi Rubin. Heavy alluvial soil. Swampy habitat. 1267935PI 358823
140PI 358825 70-53Lathyrus gorgoni Parl. Historic1971COLLECTEDMalacha. Heavy alluvial soil. Rainfall 500mm Field vegetation 10 1267936PI 358825
141PI 358826 61-52Lathyrus annuus L. IsraelW6Not Available1971COLLECTED1962Wadi Musrara. Heavy alluvial soil. Swampy habitat.WILD1267937PI 358826
142PI 358829 67-53Lathyrus annuus L. IsraelW6FLOWER1971COLLECTED1963Dan. Heavy alluvial soil. Rainfall 700mm.WILDField vegetation 10 1267940PI 358829
143PI 358842 65-53Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. IsraelW61971COLLECTED1963Edge of cultivated field near Malacha. Heavy alluvial soil.WILD1267951PI 358842
144PI 358843 66-53Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. W6Not Available1971COLLECTEDKfar Azariah. Heavy alluvial soil. Rainfall 500mm. WILDField vegetation 10 1267952PI 358843
145PI 358844 71-53Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. IsraelW6Not Available1971COLLECTED1963Midrah Oz. Heavy alluvial soil. Rainfall 500mm.WILDField vegetation 10 1267953PI 358844
146PI 358845 72-53Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. Historic1971COLLECTEDRosh Hanikra. Heavy alluvial soil. Rainfall 850mm Field vegetation 10 1267954PI 358845
147PI 358847 24-54Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. Historic1971COLLECTEDKfar Chitin. Basaltic soil. Rainfall 450mm. 1267955PI 358847
148PI 358850 3813Lathyrus aphaca L. PakistanW61971COLLECTED1966Abottabad1220WILDCommon spring weed in the plains and lower hills 10 1267957PI 358850
149PI 358851 Sp 43860Lathyrus clymenum L. SpainW61971DONATED03/05/1971UNCERTAIN1267958PI 358851
150PI 358852 Sp 44292Lathyrus pulcher J. Gay Spain Historic1971DONATED03/05/19711267959PI 358852
151PI 358853 4081Lathyrus nervosus Lam. Historic1971COLLECTEDBalneario Kiyu. Poor clay soils on bank of Rio de la Plata. UNCERTAINHerb with twining habit, fruiting abundantly but maturation of fruits indeterminate. 10 1267960PI 358853
152PI 358854 4087Lathyrus pubescens Hook. & Arn. Historic1971COLLECTEDParque Fomento Twining herb, scrambling over shrubs and other vegetation, fruiting abundantly, maturation uniform. 10 1267961PI 358854
153PI 358856 1012Lathyrus aphaca L. İzmir, TurkeyW61971COLLECTED1963BornovaWILDAnnual 30 to 60cm, glaucescent, stems flaccid, prostrate or ascending, angled stipules often 2cm long, 14mm broad. Peduncles 1-flowered, corolla yellow, pod linear 3cm long, 5mm broad. 10 1267963PI 358856
154PI 358859 557Lathyrus gorgoni Parl. TurkeyW61971DONATED03/05/1971WILD1267966PI 358859
155PI 358860 1013Lathyrus hirsutus L. TurkeyW61971COLLECTED1963Kemalpasa1200WILDBiennial 50 to 60cm, corolla pale bluish-purple, style short widely winged 10 1267967PI 358860
156PI 358861 1101Lathyrus hirsutus L. TurkeyW6FLOWERNot Available1971COLLECTED1965Along roadside between Mus and TatvanWILDAnnual. Leaflets oblong elliptical, stipule semi-saggitate, peduncle 2 to 3 flowered, corolla pale bluish-purple, style short. Pods linear, hispid. 10 1267968PI 358861
157PI 358863 626Lathyrus nervosus Lam. Turkey Historic1971COLLECTEDMus plain. Growing in pastures. 1350Perennial. Stem straight and glabrous. 10 1267970PI 358863
158PI 358869 1107Lathyrus roseus Steven Historic1971COLLECTEDBetween Cukur and Tatvan. Mountain slopes Perennial, stem erect 10 1267976PI 358869
159PI 358870 926Lathyrus aphaca L. TurkeyW61971DONATED03/05/1971WILD1267977PI 358870
160PI 358873 1209Lathyrus aphaca L. Serbia Historic1971COLLECTEDToplica43.61690000, 20.510300001267980PI 358873
161PI 358875 1005Lathyrus niger (L.) Bernh. Serbia Historic1971COLLECTEDBeograd-Avala44.81860000, 20.468100001267982PI 358875
162PI 358877 901Lathyrus hirsutus L. SerbiaW61971COLLECTED1963VojvodinaWILD1267984PI 358877
163PI 358882 1003Lathyrus venetus (Mill.) Wohlf. Serbia Historic1971COLLECTEDAvala-Beograd44.81860000, 20.468100001267989PI 358882
164PI 358883 15240Lathyrus hirsutus L. Alabama, United StatesW61971COLLECTED1957R.E. Lambert and Sons, CamdenUNCERTAIN1267990PI 358883
165PI 358884 15287Lathyrus hirsutus L. Maryland, United StatesW6Not Available1971COLLECTED1957Forage and Range Research Branch, BeltsvilleUNCERTAIN1267991PI 358884
166PI 358885 17205Lathyrus hirsutus L. Maryland, United StatesW61971COLLECTED1957Soil Conservation Service, BeltsvilleUNCERTAIN1267992PI 358885
167PI 358886 3112Lathyrus hirsutus L. Alabama, United StatesW61971COLLECTED1970Greene County; 1.5 miles east of Boligee on U.S. Highway 11. Low, rich alluvial soil, disturbed field.WILDSprawling herb, abundant in field 10 1267993PI 358886
168PI 358887 40788Lathyrus japonicus Willd. subsp. maritimus (L.) P. W. Ball Michigan, United States Historic1971COLLECTEDChippewa Co., near road just above White Fish Bay, 11.3 miles NW of Brimley. Vine growing in sand just above beach.6001267994PI 358887
169PI 358888 1047Lathyrus latifolius L. Arkansas, United StatesW6FLOWER1971COLLECTED1961Nevada County, 2 miles south of Rosston on State Highway 19. Growing on disturbed road margin.WILDSprawling perennial from large taproot. Flowers magenta with white keel. 10 1267995PI 358888
170PI 358889 Lathyrus latifolius L. Nebraska, United StatesW61971COLLECTED1968Soil Conservation Service, Lincoln2200UNCERTAIN1267996PI 358889
171PI 358894 17206Lathyrus tingitanus L. W6Not Available1971COLLECTEDSoil Conservation Service, Beltsville UNCERTAIN1268001PI 358894
172PI 372552 Lathyrus japonicus Willd. subsp. maritimus (L.) P. W. Ball Nova Scotia, CanadaW6FLOWER1972COLLECTED1971By ferry dock opposite Englishtown, St. Ann's Bay, Victoria County. On gravel fill.WILD1279283PI 372552
173PI 388732 WL-30Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. Israel Historic1974COLLECTEDIn dense seaside grasses, immediately northwest of River Alexander crossing, 10km north of Netanya1292142PI 388732
174PI 388733 WL-63Lathyrus annuus L. Israel Historic1974COLLECTEDNear wadi Nahal Yavniel, 1km south-southwest of Bilanya 2001292143PI 388733
175PI 388848 WL-92Lathyrus clymenum L. ItalyW6Not Available1974COLLECTEDBetween Cea di Bari and Tortali. Abundant among rocks and small shrubs.WILDMostly immature 10 1292237PI 388848
176PI 418811 Lathyrus latifolius L. ItalyW6Not Available1977COLLECTEDOn Route 523, 3km north of Varese Ligure 600WILDPlant viny. Stems 1m or more. Flowers purplish red. Pods 7 to 8cm. 10 1316230PI 418811
177PI 422472 Lathyrus latifolius L. Germany Historic1977DONATED12/30/19771318294PI 422472
178PI 422473 Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. GermanyW6Not Available1977DONATED12/30/1977UNCERTAIN1318295PI 422473
179PI 422522 L-45Lathyrus cicera L. HungaryW6SEED1978DONATED03/13/1978UNCERTAIN1318339PI 422522
180PI 422523 L-46Lathyrus cicera L. HungaryW61978DONATED03/13/1978UNCERTAIN1318340PI 422523
181PI 422525 L-58Lathyrus cicera L. HungaryW61978DONATED03/13/1978UNCERTAIN1318342PI 422525
182PI 432343 Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. CyprusW61978COLLECTED05/09/1978Astromeritis, Nicosia DistrictCULTIVATEDFrom a farmer. Local name Louvana. Used for green salad.1327279PI 432343
183PI 440460 D-1323Lathyrus hirsutus L. Russian FederationW61978DEVELOPEDPRE 02/1978WILD1335396PI 440460
184PI 440461 D-1413Lathyrus hirsutus L. Russian FederationW61978COLLECTED07/26/1977Sheep and Goat Institute Farm, about 52km southeast of Stavrop ol500WILDRare.1335397PI 440461
185PI 440462 D-1467Lathyrus hirsutus L. Former, Soviet UnionW61978COLLECTED07/27/1977Division l, Sheep and Goat Institute Farm, Yankul area500WILD1335398PI 440462
186PI 440761 P-164Lathyrus hirsutus L. Former, Soviet UnionW61978COLLECTED07/30/1977Mt. Nedryemanya510WILDPlants to 30cm tall.1335697PI 440761
187PI 442503 Lathyrus aphaca L. BelgiumW61979COLLECTEDAntwerpWILD1337439PI 442503
188PI 442504 Lathyrus cicera L. Belgium Historic1979COLLECTEDAntwerp1337440PI 442504
189PI 442505 Lathyrus hirsutus L. Belgium Historic1979COLLECTEDAntwerp1337441PI 442505
190PI 442506 Lathyrus latifolius L. BelgiumW61979COLLECTEDAntwerpWILD1337442PI 442506
191PI 442507 Lathyrus linifolius (Reichard) Bässler Belgium Historic1979COLLECTEDAntwerp1337443PI 442507
192PI 442508 Lathyrus niger (L.) Bernh. Belgium Historic1979COLLECTEDAntwerp1337444PI 442508
193PI 442510 Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. Belgium Historic1979COLLECTEDAmtwerp1337446PI 442510
194PI 442513 Lathyrus vernus (L.) Bernh. Belgium Historic1979COLLECTEDAntwerp1337449PI 442513
195PI 443304 Lathyrus latifolius L. New York, United StatesW6FLOWER1980COLLECTED08/1971Cortland Co., New YorkWILDCollected by R. Sherman.1338240PI 443304
196PI 443305 Lathyrus latifolius L. United States Historic1980COLLECTED09/1975Ontario Co., New YorkCollected by J. Carlson.1338241PI 443305
197PI 443306 Lathyrus latifolius L. United States Historic1980COLLECTED09/1975Yates Co., New YorkCollected by J. Carlson.1338242PI 443306
198PI 443307 Lathyrus latifolius L. United States Historic1980COLLECTED09/1975Cortland Co., New YorkCollected by W. Oaks.1338243PI 443307
199PI 443308 Lathyrus latifolius L. United States Historic1980COLLECTED1974Steuben Co., New YorkCollected by S. Dronen.1338244PI 443308
200PI 443309 Lathyrus latifolius L. California, United States Historic1980DEVELOPED1338245PI 443309
201PI 443310 Lathyrus latifolius L. New York, United StatesW61980DONATED05/1980WILD1338246PI 443310
202PI 443311 Lathyrus latifolius L. France Historic1980COLLECTED1338247PI 443311
203PI 443312 Lathyrus latifolius L. New York, United StatesW61980COLLECTED08/1978Chemung Co., New YorkWILDCollected by M. Testerman.1338248PI 443312
204PI 451858 Lathyrus tingitanus L. GuatemalaW61980COLLECTEDChimaltenango, ChimaltenangoCULTIVATEDLocal name Choreque.1346794PI 451858
205PI 477009 'Lancer'Lathyrus latifolius L. Michigan, United StatesW6SEED1983DONATED03/1983BREEDINGSuperior in erosion control and beautification.1371945PI 477009
206PI 493288 RAIANOLathyrus tingitanus L. PortugalW61984DONATED10/1984WILDCollected by Crespo.1388224PI 493288
207PI 494648 R 111Lathyrus niger (L.) Bernh. Romania Historic1985COLLECTEDWILDPlants 1.5m tall, almost shrubby. Pods long, black, very mature, most dehisced.1389584PI 494648
208PI 494651 R 110Lathyrus vernus (L.) Bernh. Romania Historic1985COLLECTEDWILDPlants 0.5m tall, very mature. Most pods already dehisced.1389587PI 494651
209PI 494702 La-1Lathyrus hirsutus L. RomaniaW61985COLLECTEDWILDPlants low growing under grazing.1389638PI 494702
210PI 504314 D-S 19Lathyrus nevadensis S. Watson Oregon, United States Historic1986COLLECTED07/07/1971Hwy 19, 8km N of Service Creek, Oregon.WILD1: Vine.1399250PI 504314
211PI 533685 870608-12Lathyrus cicera L. SpainW6SEEDNot Available1989COLLECTED06/08/1987Research plots near Ucles.CULTIVATEDPods green. Seeds obtained from Gregorio Fernandez Bailon, Extension Agent, Tarancon, Cuenca Province. Mixed with Vicia ervilia.1428621PI 533685
212PI 533686 TitarroLathyrus cicera L. SpainW6SEED1989COLLECTED06/08/1987Near Saelices, Cuenca Province.CULTIVATED1428622PI 533686
213PI 561086 Dervis Yoncasi ("Beggar's Alfalfa").Lathyrus boissieri Širj. Muş, TurkeyW6PLANT1986COLLECTED08/12/1985Small basin in area covered by lava flow. Soil developed here but mostly rock elsewhere. Little farming except around basin. On road from Varto to Yoncali, 19km E of Sanlica, Mus Province39.06666667, 41.783333331440WILDSoil pH 7.75. Deep rooted (perennial?). Legume occasional in wheat field. Only green plant remaining in field. Flowers blue.1456058PI 561086
214PI 561097 TU85-020-04Lathyrus chloranthus Boiss. Hakkâri, TurkeyW61986COLLECTED07/17/1985South slope wheat fields, 4km S of Semdinli, Gunyazi village, Hakkari Province37.28333333, 44.600000001430WILDGermplasm from wheat threshing pile. Harvested with wheat. Most legumes attacked by insects.1456069PI 561097
215PI 576132 'AU GROUNDCOVER'Lathyrus hirsutus L. Alabama, United StatesW61993DEVELOPED02/07/1995CULTIVARPlants indeterminate. Stems glabrous, reddish at seedling stage. Leaflet color light green and stipules smaller than leaflets. Flowers purple venation and standard, whereas wings are lavender and kernels white. Pods brown, between 3-8 seeds, average 6 per pod. Seed coat gray. Cotyledons yellow. Crude protein content 20% at flowering time. Does not have any particular resistance to disease or insects beyond those commonly found in the species. Scarified seed should be used to initially establish stands. Used in conservation tillage systems as cool season cover crop.1471103PI 576132
216PI 577140 W6 2653Lathyrus stenophyllus Boiss. & Heldr. TurkeyW61987COLLECTEDWILD1472111PI 577140
217W6 16246 WJK94-T37Lathyrus annuus L. TurkeyW6Not Available1994COLLECTED06/02/1994Collected at the Southeastern Anatolian Research Institute in Diyarbakir, Diyarbakir Province.690WILD1481321W6 16246
218PI 602378 WJK94-T53Lathyrus aphaca L. TurkeyW61994COLLECTED06/02/1994About 6-7 km NW of the village of Karacoli near Diyarbakir.37.91666667, 40.23333333690In farmer's field.CULTIVATED1481336PI 602378
219W6 17049 IFLLO 539Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. SyriaW6Not Available1995COLLECTED05/18/1995ICARDA, Tel Hadya near Aleppo.CULTIVATEDResistant to Orobanche. 1492040W6 17049
220PI 604500 LAT 21/82Lathyrus davidii Hance GermanyW6Not Available1995COLLECTEDPRE 1995Obtained from botanical garden in Gatersleben.51.81666667, 11.28333333CULTIVATED1492127PI 604500
221W6 17155 LAT 10/91Lathyrus latifolius L. GermanyW6Not Available1995COLLECTEDPRE 1995Obtained from botanical garden in Gatersleben.UNCERTAINDonor submitted accessions as Lathyrus latifolius var. latifolius.1492130W6 17155
222W6 17187 W6 17187Lathyrus hirsutus L. BulgariaW6Not Available1995COLLECTED06/23/1995Collected along roadside at Pavel Banjay near the gas station.450WILDGreen pods were collected.1493499W6 17187
223W6 17205 W6 17205Lathyrus sphaericus Retz. BulgariaW61995COLLECTED06/24/1995Collected about 2 km on both sides of the village of Tsarkva on side of road which was forested, about 5-7 km from Albena on the Black Sea.100WILDSeeds were bulked. Long, narrow brown pods and small brown seeds.1493521W6 17205
224W6 17207 W6 17207Lathyrus cicera L. BulgariaW6SEEDNot Available1995COLLECTED06/24/1995Collected about 2 km on both sides of the village of Tsarkva on side of road which was forested, about 5-7 km from Albena on the Black Sea.100WILDMedium-sized brown pods and medium-sized brown (a few gray) seeds.1493524W6 17207
225W6 17208 W6 17208Lathyrus aphaca L. BulgariaW6Not Available1995COLLECTED06/24/1995Collected about 2 km on both sides of village of Tsarkva on side of road which was forested, about 5-7 km from Albena on the Black Sea.100WILDSmall brown pods borne in pairs. Small olive colored seeds.1493525W6 17208
226PI 81918 'Combus No. 868'Lathyrus magellanicus Lam. England, United Kingdom Historic1929COLLECTED1495004PI 81918
227PI 602368 W6 11000Lathyrus latifolius L. Washington, United StatesW61992COLLECTED09/21/1992Home of Walter J Kaiser, NW 420 Orion, Pullman, Washington46.74055556, -117.17222222765WILD1499171PI 602368
228PI 40349 Lathyrus linifolius (Reichard) Bässler Groningen, Netherlands Historic1915COLLECTED1508831PI 40349
229PI 40798 Lathyrus cicera L. Stockholms län, Sweden Historic1915COLLECTED1508915PI 40798
230PI 40803 Lathyrus cyaneus (Steven) K. Koch Île-de-France, France Historic1915COLLECTED1508916PI 40803
231PI 40810 Lathyrus annuus L. Leningradskaja oblast', Russian Federation Historic1915COLLECTED1508923PI 40810
232PI 40875 Lathyrus magellanicus Lam. Buenos Aires, Argentina Historic1915COLLECTED1508963PI 40875
233PI 42076 Lathyrus latifolius L. Utrecht, Netherlands Historic1916COLLECTED1510924PI 42076
234PI 43188 Lathyrus sulphureus W. H. Brewer ex A. Gray California, United States Historic1916COLLECTED1512065PI 43188
235PI 602382 W6 9390BLathyrus aphaca L. North-West Frontier, PakistanW6SEED1989COLLECTED04/1986Malakandher Farm, Peshawar.34.01666667, 71.55000000WILDFound in wheat fields. Seed mixed with W6 9390.1515408PI 602382
236PI 35203 Lathyrus tingitanus L. Oregon, United States Historic1913COLLECTED1515575PI 35203
237PI 28367 Agh jilbanLathyrus cicera L. Maras, Turkey Historic1910COLLECTED1517735PI 28367
238W6 17772 VIR D114Lathyrus hirsutus L. Russian FederationW61996COLLECTED08/16/1995Province Krasnodar, southwest of Krasnodar, village Azovskaya.44.79361111, 38.55777778210Past cultivated, now grazed. Slope 0-5%, aspect W. Light open. Soil loam/clay, pH 4.8-5.2. Seasonally dry, mid slope. Vegetation closed, seasonal broad-leafed herb vegetation. Surrounding veg. open deciduous forest with closed lower layers.WILDDominant tree species Fagus sp., Quercus sp. Dominant shrub species Ribes sp., Prunus sp., Carpinus sp., Crataegus sp. Population distribution patchy, abundance occasional. Growth habit viny. Dry, no flowers. Extensive regional climate data available in spreadsheet format or image maps in raster format suitable for GIS analysis. Contact Dr. Stephanie L. Greene (sgreene@ars-grin.gov).1518005W6 17772
239PI 22034 Lathyrus japonicus Willd. subsp. maritimus (L.) P. W. Ball Massachusetts, United States Historic1907COLLECTED1521566PI 22034
240PI 23630 Lathyrus tingitanus L. District of Columbia, United States Historic1908COLLECTED1522570PI 23630
241DLEG 910407 DLEG 910407Lathyrus graminifolius (S. Watson) T. G. White Arizona, United StatesDLEGSEED1991COLLECTED09/25/1991Pima Co., Along road by old ski area at Bear Wallow, 0.4 mi. from Mt. Lemmon Hwy., Santa Catalina Mts. Elevation 7900 ft.Mixed conifer forest with Pinus ponderosa, P. strobiformis, Pseudotsuga menziesii, Abies concolor.WILDLeaves and flower colorer extremely variable. Seeds from plants on a shady slope. 1526329DLEG 910407
242DLEG 940001 DLEG 940001Lathyrus latifolius L. Arizona, United StatesDLEG1994COLLECTED06/28/1992Cochise Co., 1019 3rd St., Douglas.Growing on east fence along driveway.CULTIVATEDReceived from Victor Rabago. 1526388DLEG 940001
243DLEG 930110 DLEG 930110Lathyrus nevadensis S. Watson Washington, United StatesDLEGSEED1993COLLECTED08/09/1993Grays Harbor Co., Grayland Beach State Park.Widespread above beach grass plant community on landward side of coastal sand dune strip.WILDSeed received from Jamie Wahl. 1526548DLEG 930110
244DLEG 890345 DLEG 890345Lathyrus graminifolius (S. Watson) T. G. White Arizona, United StatesDLEG1989COLLECTED09/29/1989Pima Co., Along Mt. Lemmon Hwy, adjacent to Loma Linda picnic area, Santa Catalina Mts. Elevation 8000 ft.Pine forest with Pinus ponderosa, Ceanothus fendleri, grasses.WILDLeaves are extremely variable. Most plants with seeds are growing in sunny locations. M. Johnson 89-133. 1527522DLEG 890345
245DLEG 890346 DLEG 890346Lathyrus graminifolius (S. Watson) T. G. White Arizona, United StatesDLEG1989COLLECTED09/29/1989Pima Co., Along road by old ski area at Bear Wallow, 0.4 mi. from Mt. Lemmon Hwy., Santa Catalina Mts. Elevation 7900 ft.Mixed conifer forest with Pinus ponderosa, P. strobiformis, Pseudotsuga menziesii, Abies concolor.WILDLeaves are extremely variable. Seeds from plants growing in partial shade. All seeds gone. M. Johnson 89-135. 1527523DLEG 890346
246DLEG 890347 DLEG 890347Lathyrus graminifolius (S. Watson) T. G. White Arizona, United StatesDLEG1989COLLECTED09/29/1989Pima Co., Along road by old ski area at Bear Wallow, 0.4 mi. from Mt. Lemmon Hwy., Santa Catalina Mts. Elevation 7900 ft.Mixed conifer forest with Pinus ponderosa, P. strobiformis, Pseudotsuga menziesii, Abies concolor.WILDLeaves and flower colorer extremely variable. Seeds from plants on a shady slope. All seeds gone. M. Johnson 89-136. 1527524DLEG 890347
247DLEG 910300 DLEG 910300Lathyrus nevadensis S. Watson subsp. nevadensis DLEG1991Steve Broich S125 (#0944), without data. Received from Glenn Branham. 1527636DLEG 910300
248DLEG 930106 DLEG 930106Lathyrus magellanicus Lam. Santa Cruz, ArgentinaDLEGSEED1993COLLECTED1993Glaciar "Perito Moreno".WILDReceived from Leopoldo Montes - INTA, Santa Cruz, Argentina. RGA# 455. LM# 1156. 1527682DLEG 930106
249DLEG 920239 DLEG 920239Lathyrus graminifolius (S. Watson) T. G. White Arizona, United StatesDLEG1992COLLECTED09/30/1992Pima Co., Along road near jct. of road turnoff from Bear Wallow to Mt. Bigelow, Santa Catalina Mts.Locally abundant along road cuts in open pine forest with Pinus ponderosa, P. stobiliformis.WILDMost plants with ripe pods are growing in sunny exposures. M. Johnson 92-020. 1528009DLEG 920239
250PI 18707 Lathyrus tingitanus L. China Historic1906COLLECTED1532223PI 18707
251PI 19282 Lathyrus tingitanus L. Alger, Algeria Historic1906COLLECTED1532430PI 19282
252PI 19580 Lathyrus tingitanus L. District of Columbia, United States Historic1906COLLECTED1532537PI 19580
253PI 20809 Lathyrus nervosus Lam. Buenos Aires, Argentina Historic1907COLLECTED1532994PI 20809
254PI 21305 Lathyrus tingitanus L. District of Columbia, United States Historic1907COLLECTED1533238PI 21305
255PI 21607 Lathyrus tingitanus L. District of Columbia, United States Historic1907COLLECTED1533473PI 21607
256PI 1459 'Jaret'Lathyrus cicera L. France Historic1898COLLECTED1533797PI 1459
257PI 3289 Lathyrus tingitanus L. Algeria Historic1899COLLECTED1537456PI 3289
258PI 4160 Lathyrus clymenum L. Campania, Italy Historic1899COLLECTED1539237PI 4160
259PI 4166 Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. Campania, Italy Historic1899COLLECTED1539243PI 4166
260PI 4230 Lathyrus japonicus Willd. subsp. maritimus (L.) P. W. Ball Campania, Italy Historic1899COLLECTED1539363PI 4230
261W6 19485 B96-346Lathyrus niger (L.) Bernh. BulgariaW6Not Available1996COLLECTED07/1996Oak woodland, much Thymus, grasses, thistle, wild plum, very dry sandy/gravel soil.42.62388889, 24.17555556775OpenWILD1540860W6 19485
262W6 19413 B96-249Lathyrus niger (L.) Bernh. BulgariaW6Not Available1996COLLECTED07/1996Oak woodland. Many grass species. moist soils.41.77805556, 25.33972222479WILD1540870W6 19413
263W6 19499 B96-360Lathyrus niger (L.) Bernh. BulgariaW6Not Available1996COLLECTED07/19967km south of Panagjurishte. At edge of open field.42.48333333, 24.26361111547OpenWILD1540895W6 19499
264W6 19500 B96-361Lathyrus niger (L.) Bernh. BulgariaW6Not Available1996COLLECTED07/19967km south of Panagjurishte. At edge of open field.42.48333333, 24.26361111547OpenWILD1540931W6 19500
265W6 19502 B96-365Lathyrus grandiflorus Sm. BulgariaW6Not Available1996COLLECTED07/1996On road 5km from Sadovo to Plovdiv.42.14777778, 24.86194444137OpenWILD1540933W6 19502
266W6 19338 B96-149Lathyrus niger (L.) Bernh. BulgariaW6Not Available1996COLLECTED07/1996Open meadow surrounded by pine forest and wild Corylus.41.99527778, 24.790555561079northWILD1541053W6 19338
267W6 19340 B96-152Lathyrus niger (L.) Bernh. BulgariaW6Not Available1996COLLECTED07/1996Pine and oak mix woods41.99638889, 24.772222221186northWILD1541054W6 19340
268W6 19448 B96-297Lathyrus niger (L.) Bernh. BulgariaW6Not Available1996COLLECTED07/1996Oak woodland. Collected on edge of woods.42.92805556, 24.97111111304westWILD1541086W6 19448
269PI 5585 Lathyrus tingitanus L. Algeria Historic1900COLLECTED1542008PI 5585
270PI 5782 Lathyrus magellanicus Lam. Buenos Aires, Argentina Historic1901COLLECTED1542119PI 5782
271PI 6436 'Vicos'Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. Kríti, Greece Historic1901COLLECTED1543729PI 6436
272PI 6973 Lathyrus tingitanus L. Algeria Historic1901COLLECTED1544325PI 6973
273PI 6974 Lathyrus clymenum L. Algeria Historic1901COLLECTED1544326PI 6974
274PI 7521 Lathyrus cicera L. Île-de-France, France Historic1901COLLECTED1545933PI 7521
275W6 19953 42395Lathyrus cicera L. Historic1996COLLECTED05/19/1959CULTIVATED1546095W6 19953
276PI 7637 Lathyrus tingitanus L. Algeria Historic1901COLLECTED1546179PI 7637
277PI 7728 Lathyrus tingitanus L. Alger, Algeria Historic1903COLLECTED1546268PI 7728
278W6 19962 93 NV-1Lathyrus grimesii Barneby Nevada, United StatesW6Not Available1997COLLECTED07/09/1993On north side of Independence Headwaters of North Fork of Humboldt River. 1 mile west of pass, then on north side of road, 1/4 mile up hill. 2 miles east of Big Springs Mine (visible from site). T53N, R53E41.00000000, -115.000000002310Southeast aspect (150 degrees). 40% gravel, 10% rock, 1% litter, 39% live vegetation.WILDVegetation present: Artemesia tridentata, Prunus virginiana, Purslane tridentata, Agropyron spicata, Phlox, longiflora, Penstemon sp., Bromus tectorum, Mimulus , Collensia paraflora.1547595W6 19962
279W6 19963 93 NV-201Lathyrus grimesii Barneby Nevada, United StatesW6Not Available1997COLLECTED07/09/1993Southeast of exploration drill. Large population directly north of Dorsey Creek. 200 yards above creek bottom. 100 feet southeast of top 1/4 of ridge of population above Dorsey Creek. T42N, R53E, SW1/4 Sec 10.41.00000000, -115.00000000Southwest aspect 192 degrees. Slope 26%. 45% gravel, 25% rock, 30% live vegetation, no litter.WILDVegetation present: Astragalus , Phacilis, Allium bideptum, Delphinum, Phlox longifolia.1547596W6 19963
280W6 19964 93 NV-3Lathyrus grimesii Barneby Nevada, United StatesW6SEEDNot Available1997COLLECTED07/09/1997Jack Creek. Small Lathyrus grimesii population bisected by county road. Below county road. Straight away just past sharp bend in county road, left hand side of road (southside). 50 feet up slope from culvert.41.00000000, -115.0000000039% bare ground, 30% gravel, 1% litter, 30% live vegetation.WILDVegetation present: Prunus virginiana, Agropyron spicatum, Poa pratense, Carex , Juncus , Lupinus caudata, Huckelia, Astragalus, Penstemon, Rhumex, Phlox gracillis1547597W6 19964
281PI 11194 Lathyrus decaphyllus Pursh var. incanus (J. G. Sm. & Rydb.) Broich California, United States Historic1904COLLECTED1554417PI 11194
282PI 11200 Lathyrus tingitanus L. California, United States Historic1904COLLECTED1554425PI 11200
283PI 255366 Lathyrus filiformis (Lam.) J. Gay Slovenia Historic1959DONATED02/09/19591558181PI 255366
284PI 255369 Lathyrus tingitanus L. Slovenia Historic1959DONATED02/09/19591558182PI 255369
285W6 20744 S98-19Lathyrus clymenum L. Andalucía, SpainW6Not Available1998COLLECTED04/1998At the Escuela Tecnica Superior de Ingenieros Agronom y de Montes, Universidad de Cordoba.110On the edge of a weedy field in clay soil.UNCERTAIN1562699W6 20744
286W6 20803 'Montevideo 7014'Lathyrus nervosus Lam. Uruguay Historic1995COLLECTEDPRE 1995MontevideoWILDBeautiful leaves.1562796W6 20803
287W6 20805 W6 20805Lathyrus jepsonii Greene subsp. jepsonii California, United States Historic1995COLLECTEDPRE 1995From University of California Botanic Garden, Contra Costa.WILD1562798W6 20805
288W6 20807 W6 20807Lathyrus japonicus Willd. subsp. maritimus (L.) P. W. Ball var. acutifolius (Bab.) Bässler Denmark Historic1995COLLECTEDPRE 1995KobenhavenWILD1562800W6 20807
289W6 21067 050689-0207 mixedLathyrus aphaca L. TurkeyW6Not Available1989COLLECTED06/05/1989West facing slope in mouth of ravine. Cultivated lentil field surrounded by rocky limestone slopes. Rock terraces falling down. 4.1km after Dereici on road to Midyat from Savur, Mardin Province.37.55000000, 41.000000001000WILDVicia seed found with W6 141 says Sandy.1573210W6 21067
290PI 16383 Lathyrus sphaericus Retz. Washington, United States Historic1905COLLECTED19051574136PI 16383
291PI 16384 Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. Washington, United States Historic1905COLLECTED19051574137PI 16384
292PI 16388 Lathyrus tingitanus L. Washington, United States Historic1905COLLECTED19051574139PI 16388
293PI 16448 Lathyrus tingitanus L. Washington, United States Historic1905COLLECTED1574191PI 16448
294PI 16449 Lathyrus tingitanus L. Washington, United States Historic1905COLLECTED1574192PI 16449
295PI 16882 Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany Historic1905COLLECTED1574370PI 16882
296PI 16998 Lathyrus hirsutus L. Thüringen, Germany Historic1905COLLECTED1574487PI 16998
297PI 17771 Lathyrus gorgoni Parl. Leinster, Ireland Historic1906COLLECTED1575196PI 17771
298PI 17776 Lathyrus rotundifolius Willd. Leinster, Ireland Historic1906COLLECTED1575201PI 17776
299PI 18144 Lathyrus tingitanus L. California, United States Historic1906COLLECTED1575521PI 18144
300PI 18145 Lathyrus tingitanus L. California, United States Historic1906COLLECTED1575522PI 18145
301PI 18146 Lathyrus clymenum L. California, United States Historic1906COLLECTED1575523PI 18146
302PI 18147 Lathyrus annuus L. California, United States Historic1906COLLECTED1575524PI 18147
303PI 18148 Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. California, United States Historic1906COLLECTED1575525PI 18148
304PI 18149 Lathyrus clymenum L. California, United States Historic1906COLLECTED1575526PI 18149
305PI 20383 No. 614aLathyrus japonicus Willd. subsp. maritimus (L.) P. W. Ball Primorye, Russian Federation Historic1907COLLECTED10/06/19061577437PI 20383
306PI 20641 No. 121Lathyrus linifolius (Reichard) Bässler Tyumen, Russian Federation Historic1907COLLECTED1577677PI 20641
307PI 20744 No. 224Lathyrus ochraceus Kitt. Tomsk, Russian Federation Historic1907COLLECTED1578326PI 20744
308PI 20766 No. 246Lathyrus ochraceus Kitt. Omsk, Russian Federation Historic1907COLLECTED1578344PI 20766
309PI 20770 No. 250Lathyrus magellanicus Lam. Argentina Historic1907COLLECTED1578347PI 20770
310PI 20771 No. 251Lathyrus nervosus Lam. Argentina Historic1907COLLECTED1578348PI 20771
311PI 22553 Lathyrus linifolius (Reichard) Bässler Groningen, Netherlands Historic1908COLLECTED1584489PI 22553
312PI 22554 Lathyrus niger (L.) Bernh. Groningen, Netherlands Historic1908COLLECTED1584491PI 22554
313PI 22555 Lathyrus vernus (L.) Bernh. Groningen, Netherlands Historic1908COLLECTED1584492PI 22555
314PI 612242 'CHALUS'Lathyrus cicera L. Western Australia, AustraliaW6SEED1999DEVELOPEDPRE 11/08/1999CULTIVARYields on average 5% more than Lath-BC in 15 trial sites across southern Australia. At dry sites within Western Australia, average yield equivalent to or greater than Pisum sativum cv. Dundale. Flowers 4-6 days earlier than Lath-BC and about 20 days later than Dundale. Finishes flowering before Dundale and has rapid seed filling. Maturity reached at approx. same time as Dundale. Not susceptible to black spot disease (Mycosphaerella pinoides). Bean Yellow Mosaic Virus has been observed to infect but no other diseases have been recorded in Australia. The ODAP concentration in the seed has been shown to be consistently very low (0.09%), in comparison to Lath-BC (0.16%). Average seed weight 66 mg, compared to 55 mg for Lath-BC. Protein levels approx. 27% with lysine content 6.1% g/16g N. Feeding studies with grain show that pigs have equivalent growth to a standard soybean based diet. Preliminary work with poultry, sheep and cattle indicate good performance as a protein source.1587642PI 612242
315PI 26572 Lathyrus annuus L. Turkey Historic1910COLLECTED1588366PI 26572
316PI 28480 'Leichtlin Extra White'Lathyrus latifolius L. New Jersey, United States Historic1910COLLECTED1594366PI 28480
317PI 28762 Lathyrus cicera L. H̱efa, Israel Historic1910COLLECTED1594648PI 28762
318PI 29933 Lathyrus angulatus L. England, United Kingdom Historic1911COLLECTED1595367PI 29933
319PI 29934 Lathyrus aphaca L. England, United Kingdom Historic1911COLLECTED1595368PI 29934
320PI 29935 Lathyrus clymenum L. England, United Kingdom Historic1911COLLECTED1595369PI 29935
321PI 29936 Lathyrus clymenum L. England, United Kingdom Historic1911COLLECTED1595370PI 29936
322PI 29937 Lathyrus ochraceus Kitt. England, United Kingdom Historic1911COLLECTED1595371PI 29937
323PI 29938 Lathyrus japonicus Willd. subsp. maritimus (L.) P. W. Ball England, United Kingdom Historic1911COLLECTED1595372PI 29938
324PI 29939 Lathyrus linifolius (Reichard) Bässler England, United Kingdom Historic1911COLLECTED1595373PI 29939
325PI 29941 Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. England, United Kingdom Historic1911COLLECTED1595375PI 29941
326PI 29943 Lathyrus aphaca L. England, United Kingdom Historic1911COLLECTED1595378PI 29943
327PI 29945 Lathyrus undulatus Boiss. England, United Kingdom Historic1911COLLECTED1595380PI 29945
328W6 22348 W6 22348Lathyrus hirsutus L. Hakkâri, TurkeyW6Not Available1986COLLECTED07/17/1985South slope wheat fields, 4km S of Semdinli, Gunyazi village, Hakkari Province37.28333333, 44.600000001430WILDAnother seed type found in PI 561097.1596279W6 22348
329PI 30561 Lathyrus cicera L. Georgia Historic1911COLLECTED1596403PI 30561
330W6 22349 0406689-0603 (mixture)Lathyrus cicera L. TurkeyW6SEEDNot Available1989COLLECTED06/04/19893.5 km E of Savur-Midyat road, Mardin Province37.55000000, 40.93333333900Steep north facing slope. Limestone outcrop and limestone rubble. Oak scrub scattered.WILDLathrus seed found in the original 040689-0603 collected accession.1596919W6 22349
331PI 32190 'Orientalis'Lathyrus ochraceus Kitt. Tomsk, Russian Federation Historic1911COLLECTED08/20/19111597604PI 32190
332PI 32992 Lathyrus roseus Steven Georgia Historic1912COLLECTED1598596PI 32992
333PI 32993 Lathyrus rotundifolius Willd. Georgia Historic1912COLLECTED1598597PI 32993
334PI 33979 Lathyrus magellanicus Lam. Buenos Aires, Argentina Historic1912COLLECTED1599449PI 33979
335PI 40291 Lathyrus tingitanus L. Spain Historic1915COLLECTED1605023PI 40291
336PI 40312 Lathyrus grandiflorus Sm. England, United Kingdom Historic1915COLLECTED1605031PI 40312
337PI 40313 Lathyrus aphaca L. England, United Kingdom Historic1915COLLECTED1605032PI 40313
338PI 40315 Lathyrus undulatus Boiss. England, United Kingdom Historic1915COLLECTED1605036PI 40315
339PI 40318 Lathyrus sphaericus Retz. Scotland, United Kingdom Historic1915COLLECTED1605039PI 40318
340PI 40320 Lathyrus undulatus Boiss. Scotland, United Kingdom ImageHistoric1915COLLECTED1605041PI 40320
341PI 40321 Lathyrus venetus (Mill.) Wohlf. Scotland, United Kingdom Historic1915COLLECTED1605042PI 40321
342PI 40322 Lathyrus vernus (L.) Bernh. Scotland, United Kingdom Historic1915COLLECTED1605043PI 40322
343PI 40323 Lathyrus vernus (L.) Bernh. subsp. flaccidus (Ser.) Arcang. Scotland, United Kingdom ImageHistoric1915COLLECTED1605044PI 40323
344PI 40324 Lathyrus vernus (L.) Bernh. Scotland, United Kingdom Historic1915COLLECTED1605046PI 40324
345PI 40350 Lathyrus niger (L.) Bernh. Groningen, Netherlands Historic1915COLLECTED1605060PI 40350
346PI 40536 Lathyrus rotundifolius Willd. Ontario, Canada Historic1915COLLECTED1605198PI 40536
347PI 40800 Lathyrus spathulatus Čelak. Stockholms län, Sweden Historic1915COLLECTED1605396PI 40800
348PI 40876 Lathyrus nervosus Lam. Buenos Aires, Argentina Historic1915COLLECTED1605444PI 40876
349PI 42080 Lathyrus vernus (L.) Bernh. Utrecht, Netherlands Historic1916COLLECTED1606377PI 42080
350W6 23354 110689-0502 (mixture)Lathyrus aphaca L. TurkeyW6Not Available1989COLLECTED06/11/1989Low flood plain. Flat alluvial plain just above river. 16.2km W of Uzumluk (Paris). 2km E of Zarova River bridge on Siirt-Eruh road, Siirt Province.37.81666667, 41.88333333630WILD1609918W6 23354
351W6 23392 PRO 96-7Lathyrus magellanicus Lam. ArgentinaW6Not Available2001COLLECTED02/17/1996Santa Cruz, Los Glaciares National Park, 3-4 km northeast from Ventisq.Perito Moreno-50.47277778, -73.01694444240Slope:25-30% EWILDPlant specimens in herbarium with nodules. 1611640W6 23392
352W6 23434 PRO 96-54Lathyrus magellanicus Lam. ChileW6Not Available2001COLLECTED02/22/1996Ultima Esperanza, Laguna Figueroa, 20 km south from Cerro Castillo, on road to Pto. Natales-50.38305556, -72.43694444Slope:25% WWILDGrows in isolated groups. 1611671W6 23434
353NA 71393 VV-281Lathyrus davidii Hance Russian FederationNANot Available2001COLLECTED09/01/2001WILDHerb 1 m tall; fruit dark brown when ripe. 1636743NA 71393
354NA 71263 VV-20Lathyrus davidii Hance Russian FederationNANot Available2001COLLECTED09/01/2001WILDHerb 1 m tall; fruit green, turning black. 1636748NA 71263
355NA 71348 VV-205Lathyrus davidii Hance Russian FederationNANot Available2001COLLECTED09/01/2001WILDHerb 1 m tall. 1636787NA 71348
356PI 16389 Lathyrus tingitanus L. Washington, United States Historic1905COLLECTED19051637020PI 16389
357W6 23807 ARM 018Lathyrus rotundifolius Willd. ArmeniaW6Not Available2002COLLECTED08/08/2001Aghveran foothills40.51666667, 44.561388892019Narrow valley. We were 3/4 up the west side of a valley running N-S. A scrub oak (Quercus) woodland, with some wild Pyrus, low growth was Aegilops, Vicia, Poa bulbosa, Astragalus, Trifolium, Lotus, LathyrusWILD1638424W6 23807
358W6 23852 ARM 087Lathyrus rotundifolius Willd. ArmeniaW6Not Available2002COLLECTED08/10/2001Koshabulakh region.40.36638889, 44.271388891838Oak woodland of secondary growth. 200-300 years ago the large oak trees were cut down.WILD1638456W6 23852
359W6 23853 ARM 093Lathyrus rotundifolius Willd. ArmeniaW6Not Available2002COLLECTED08/10/200140.37222222, 44.269444441930A Fraxinus and Acacia woodland. These two species were introduced. Other species Crataegus, Malus, Lathyrus, grassesWILD1638457W6 23853
360W6 23974 ARM 296Lathyrus cicera L. ArmeniaW6SEED2002COLLECTED08/15/2001About 20km east of Vayk on the road to Saravan, turning north up the Her-her River canyon. Stopped juat 1-2km up the river from the main road.39.69166667, 45.523333331346Very steep canyon. Along the river there was moisture, but the terrrain tuWILD1638512W6 23974
361W6 23991 ARM 325Lathyrus rotundifolius Willd. ArmeniaW6Not Available2002COLLECTED08/15/2001On the rim, and inside of an old volcano.39.79527778, 45.480277782557Very dry, steep rocky area. Observed Cicer anatolicum growing in basaltic rocky area, but the pods were all dehisced.WILD1638517W6 23991
362W6 24047 ARM 408Lathyrus rotundifolius Willd. ArmeniaW6Not Available2002COLLECTED08/03/2001WILD1638553W6 24047
363W6 23999 ARM 335Lathyrus rotundifolius Willd. ArmeniaW6Not Available2002COLLECTED08/16/2001Collected roadside area, east of Vayk, at the junction of the road to Jermuk and Saravan.39.69166667, 45.560000001363Collected on southfacing hillside, north of the road in a steep rocky undisturbed area. Found Lens orientalis and other species. Found somWILD1638641W6 23999
364W6 24002 ARM 339Lathyrus rotundifolius Willd. ArmeniaW6Not Available2002COLLECTED08/16/2001East of Saravan.39.70527778, 45.689722222097Up a hillside that had been heavily pastured. There wasn't much here due to overgrazing.WILD1638642W6 24002
365PI 678925 ARM 458Lathyrus rotundifolius Willd. ArmeniaW6PLANT2002COLLECTED08/20/2001Steep canyon off of road to Dilijan Reserve.40.66833333, 44.886111112047WILD1638650PI 678925
366W6 23841 ARM 062Lathyrus cicera L. Armenia Historic2002COLLECTED08/09/200140.06777778, 44.834444441381Steep canyon, runs N-S. RMH on west side. WJK on east side collecting. Species include Plantago major, Aegilops, Berberis, Prunus, Pyrus, Sorbus graeca, Sorbus persica (large simple leaf type w/ orange fruit) Dactylis glomerataWILD1638671W6 23841
367W6 23943 ARM 238Lathyrus rotundifolius Willd. ArmeniaW6SEEDNot Available2002COLLECTED08/14/2001Past Vayk then up the canyon of the Yeghegis River.39.87305556, 45.409722221680Collected mostly above the river in the desert/semi-desert steep rocky part of the canyon.WILD1638673W6 23943
368W6 23793 ARM 001Lathyrus rotundifolius Willd. ArmeniaW6Not Available2002COLLECTED08/08/2001Aghveran foothills40.50138889, 44.589444441507Steep canyon running east and west with small creek at the bottom. Collected the north side of the slope, Aspect S. Riparian habitat at the bottom, and gradually became very dry, grassy slope with scattered scrub oak.WILD1638681W6 23793
369OPGC 184 OPGC 184Lathyrus rotundifolius Willd. Historic2002WILD1658265OPGC 184
370PI 58894 Lathyrus niger (L.) Bernh. England, United Kingdom Historic1924COLLECTED1660144PI 58894
371W6 26138 G1703Lathyrus roseus Steven GeorgiaW6Not Available2004COLLECTED07/04/2004Near Ananuri village and castle42.15250000, 44.74666667939In forest of oak and hornbeamWILDPerennial plants about 30-40cm tall, podded, bright red flowers1661088W6 26138
372W6 26198 AZ0420Lathyrus graminifolius (S. Watson) T. G. White Arizona, United StatesW6Not Available2004COLLECTED10/13/200432.43305556, -110.757500002303WILD1665363W6 26198
373W6 26448 WA04-AR10Lathyrus holochlorus (Piper) C. L. Hitchc. Washington, United StatesW6Not Available2004COLLECTED07/14/2004This is a rare species. Contact Curator for collection location.46.53500000, -123.13361111WILDThis species has been proposed for Federal Listing as an Endangered Species. It is a state listed rare species in Washington.1667205W6 26448
374PI 186324 Lathyrus annuus L. Australian Capital Territory, Australia Historic1950COLLECTED1667336PI 186324
375PI 193733 Lathyrus clymenum L. Italy Historic1951COLLECTED1671046PI 193733
376PI 197438 No. 10256Lathyrus cicera L. Ethiopia Historic1951COLLECTED1675362PI 197438
377PI 197603 Lathyrus clymenum L. Malta Historic1951COLLECTED1675482PI 197603
378PI 197856 P.F. 1117Lathyrus pubescens Hook. & Arn. Argentina Historic1951COLLECTED1675585PI 197856
379PI 199822 Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. Tunisia Historic1952COLLECTED1677423PI 199822
380PI 295783 Col. No. 119Lathyrus digitatus (M. Bieb.) Fiori Diyarbakır, Turkey Historic1964COLLECTED1681247PI 295783
381PI 296592 Col. No. 119Lathyrus digitatus (M. Bieb.) Fiori California, United States Historic1964COLLECTED1681556PI 296592
382PI 297355 Lathyrus niger (L.) Bernh. Norway Historic1964COLLECTED1682135PI 297355
383PI 297358 Lathyrus vernus (L.) Bernh. Norway Historic1964COLLECTED1682137PI 297358
384PI 283479 CPI 13575Lathyrus angulatus L. Portugal Historic1962COLLECTED1687362PI 283479
385PI 283517 PI 13578Lathyrus clymenum L. Portugal Historic1962COLLECTED1687363PI 283517
386PI 283520 CPI 13579Lathyrus hirsutus L. Portugal Historic1962COLLECTED1687364PI 283520
387PI 283524 CPI 12410Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. Portugal Historic1962COLLECTED1687366PI 283524
388PI 283526 CPI 13732Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. India Historic1962COLLECTED1687367PI 283526
389PI 283529 CPI 14522Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. Tunisia Historic1962COLLECTED1687368PI 283529
390PI 283532 CPI 16545Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. Portugal Historic1962COLLECTED1687369PI 283532
391PI 283539 CPI 18277Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. Czech Republic Historic1962COLLECTED1687374PI 283539
392PI 283541 CPI 23288Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. Hungary Historic1962COLLECTED1687380PI 283541
393PI 283543 CPI 20481Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. Cyprus Historic1962COLLECTED1687390PI 283543
394PI 283600 CPI 10463Lathyrus tingitanus L. Portugal Historic1962COLLECTED1687395PI 283600
395PI 283601 CPI 10898Lathyrus tingitanus L. Bulgaria Historic1962COLLECTED1687397PI 283601
396PI 283602 CPI 16555Lathyrus tingitanus L. Portugal Historic1962COLLECTED1687398PI 283602
397PI 283603 CPI 20496Lathyrus tingitanus L. Cyprus Historic1962COLLECTED1687401PI 283603
398W6 27725 W6 27725Lathyrus aphaca L. GeorgiaW6Not Available2006COLLECTED07/17/2005Kvareli district near Shilda41.99916667, 45.71111111WILD1691797W6 27725
399W6 27726 W6 27726Lathyrus aphaca L. GeorgiaW6Not Available2006COLLECTED07/18/2005Kvareli district near Kuistskaro41.95944444, 45.76611111WILD1691798W6 27726
400PI 292405 No. 12-71Lathyrus ochraceus Kitt. Israel Historic1963COLLECTED1695434PI 292405
401PI 292789 Lathyrus aphaca L. Sweden Historic1963COLLECTED1696470PI 292789
402PI 292793 Lathyrus niger (L.) Bernh. Sweden Historic1963COLLECTED1696472PI 292793
403PI 292791 Lathyrus clymenum L. Sweden Historic1963COLLECTED1696473PI 292791
404PI 292794 Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. Sweden Historic1963COLLECTED1696474PI 292794
405PI 292796 Lathyrus sphaericus Retz. Sweden Historic1963COLLECTED1696476PI 292796
406PI 292798 Lathyrus vernus (L.) Bernh. Sweden Historic1963COLLECTED1696477PI 292798
407PI 306680 'Bydgoski'Lathyrus tingitanus L. Poland Historic1965COLLECTED1702273PI 306680
408PI 308015 No. 76Lathyrus annuus L. Czech Republic Historic1965COLLECTED1704131PI 308015
409PI 308017 No. 77Lathyrus clymenum L. Czech Republic Historic1965COLLECTED1704132PI 308017
410PI 308018 No. 78Lathyrus cicera L. Czech Republic Historic1965COLLECTED1704133PI 308018
411PI 308019 No. 79Lathyrus clymenum L. Czech Republic Historic1965COLLECTED1704134PI 308019
412PI 308021 No. 82Lathyrus hirsutus L. Czech Republic Historic1965COLLECTED1704135PI 308021
413PI 308023 No. 84Lathyrus latifolius L. Czech Republic Historic1965COLLECTED1704137PI 308023
414PI 308024 No. 85Lathyrus niger (L.) Bernh. Czech Republic Historic1965COLLECTED1704138PI 308024
415PI 308026 No. 87Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. Czech Republic Historic1965COLLECTED1704140PI 308026
416PI 308029 No. 93Lathyrus sphaericus Retz. Czech Republic Historic1965COLLECTED1704143PI 308029
417PI 308031 No. 94Lathyrus tingitanus L. Czech Republic Historic1965COLLECTED1704144PI 308031
418PI 312457 Lathyrus rotundifolius Willd. Georgia Historic1966COLLECTEDTbilisi1705842PI 312457
419PI 314442 Col. No. 177Lathyrus cicera L. Georgia Historic1966COLLECTEDLilo Village, 16km northeast Tbilisi1706620PI 314442
420PI 314443 Col. No. 160Lathyrus roseus Steven Georgia Historic1966COLLECTED1706621PI 314443
421PI 315553 S 23Lathyrus tingitanus L. Australia Historic1966COLLECTED1707602PI 315553
422PI 315708 BN-5938-48Lathyrus decaphyllus Pursh var. incanus (J. G. Sm. & Rydb.) Broich Maryland, United States Historic1966COLLECTEDFrom SCS, Alburqueque, NM1707640PI 315708
423PI 315709 BN-6025-49Lathyrus decaphyllus Pursh var. incanus (J. G. Sm. & Rydb.) Broich Maryland, United States Historic1966COLLECTEDHighway 10, Alberqueque, NM18061707641PI 315709
424PI 315710 BN-4555-46Lathyrus decaphyllus Pursh var. incanus (J. G. Sm. & Rydb.) Broich Maryland, United States Historic1966COLLECTEDNebraska National Forest Sand Hill, Halsey, NE1707642PI 315710
425PI 321024 Lathyrus clymenum L. Maryland, United States Historic1967COLLECTED05/18/19661712795PI 321024
426PI 66526 Lathyrus vernus (L.) Bernh. subsp. flaccidus (Ser.) Arcang. Stockholms län, Sweden Historic1926COLLECTED1718330PI 66526
427PI 66579 Lathyrus venosus Muhl. ex Willd. England, United Kingdom Historic1926COLLECTED1718381PI 66579
428PI 66630 Lathyrus latifolius L. Grand-Est, France Historic1926COLLECTED1718430PI 66630
429PI 66631 Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. Grand-Est, France Historic1926COLLECTED1718431PI 66631
430W6 30009 AK025-011Lathyrus japonicus Willd. subsp. maritimus (L.) P. W. Ball Alaska, United StatesW6SEEDNot Available2007WILD1718914W6 30009
431NSL 448200 FC 40510Lathyrus hirsutus L. W6Not Available1973DONATED01/01/1973CULTIVATED1720522NSL 448200
432PI 69856 Lathyrus aphaca L. Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur, France Historic1926COLLECTED1723045PI 69856
433PI 78789 Lathyrus roseus Steven Georgia Historic1929COLLECTED1742721PI 78789
434PI 81919 'Combes No. 713'Lathyrus magellanicus Lam. England, United Kingdom Historic1929COLLECTED1745609PI 81919
435PI 81920 Lathyrus nervosus Lam. England, United Kingdom Historic1929COLLECTED1745610PI 81920
436PI 90548 No. 6467Lathyrus davidii Hance Liaoning Sheng, China Historic1930COLLECTED11/12/19301775078PI 90548
437PI 94265 Lathyrus cicera L. Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur, France Historic1931COLLECTED1781322PI 94265
438PI 98330 Rose QueenLathyrus latifolius L. Netherlands Historic1932COLLECTED1785435PI 98330
439PI 101399 Lathyrus davidii Hance China Historic1932COLLECTEDManchuria1788946PI 101399
440PI 107066 No. 170Lathyrus annuus L. Tajikistan Historic1934COLLECTED07/1934Mountain slopes, Gissar Valley1796364PI 107066
441PI 107067 No. 159Lathyrus hirsutus L. Tajikistan Historic1934COLLECTED07/1934Gissar Valley1796365PI 107067
442PI 107068 No. 169Lathyrus sphaericus Retz. Tajikistan Historic1934COLLECTED07/1934Mountain slopes, Gissar Valley1796366PI 107068
443PI 107940 No. 540Lathyrus ochraceus Kitt. Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan Historic1934COLLECTED07/23/1934Foothills near Alma Ata1797676PI 107940
444W6 34374 9095755Lathyrus japonicus Willd. subsp. maritimus (L.) P. W. Ball Québec, CanadaW6Not Available2009COLLECTED2005Province/Subdivision: Quebec/Nunavik, Nearest town/village: Kuujjuarapik55.28750000, -77.75277778545% South slopeWILD1799219W6 34374
445W6 34476 9095756Lathyrus japonicus Willd. subsp. maritimus (L.) P. W. Ball CanadaW6Not Available2009COLLECTED2005Province/Subdivision: NFand L, Labrador/Nunatsiav, Nearest town/village: Postville54.90694444, -59.7669444420 Total slopeWILD1799299W6 34476
446W6 35553 R08-19-093Lathyrus vernus (L.) Bernh. Russian FederationW6Not Available2009COLLECTED08/15/2008Near Uchshuk village, 47 km south of Beloretsk. District of Beloretsk. Oblast = Bashkortostan53.55000000, 58.28000000707West facing slopes along small path and understory of Pinus sylvestris forestWILD1811731W6 35553
447W6 35648 R08-44-197Lathyrus rotundifolius Willd. Russian FederationW6Not Available2009COLLECTED08/26/2008Near Kalinniki village, 30 km south of Birsk. District of Birskiy. Oblast = Bashkortostan55.15000000, 55.4600000091Shelter-belt area along highwayWILD1811822W6 35648
448PI 117352 No. 287Lathyrus gorgoni Parl. Gaziantep, Turkey Historic1936COLLECTED04/30/1936Gaziantep bazar1826675PI 117352
449PI 117353 No. 358Lathyrus annuus L. Adana, Turkey Historic1936COLLECTED04/21/19361826676PI 117353
450PI 117354 No. 414Lathyrus annuus L. Icel, Turkey Historic1936COLLECTED04/27/19361826677PI 117354
451PI 117433 No. 353Lathyrus gorgoni Parl. Adana, Turkey Historic1936COLLECTED04/20/19361826759PI 117433
452PI 119939 No. 1341Lathyrus gorgoni Parl. Adana, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED06/10/19361829638PI 119939
453PI 119952 No. 1099Lathyrus annuus L. Manisa, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED06/11/19362km south of Kirkagach1829651PI 119952
454PI 119956 No. 1331Lathyrus annuus L. Adana, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED06/10/1936Adana1829655PI 119956
455PI 119968 No. 1594Lathyrus angulatus L. Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED07/07/193650km west of Diyarbekir1829667PI 119968
456PI 119972 No. 1978Lathyrus gorgoni Parl. Urfa, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED07/24/1936Birejik1829670PI 119972
457PI 121133 No. 618Lathyrus aphaca L. İzmir, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED05/24/1936Ephesus1831128PI 121133
458PI 121140 No. 1342Lathyrus aphaca L. Adana, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED06/10/19361831135PI 121140
459PI 121149 No. 2494Lathyrus aphaca L. Giresun, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED08/18/19368km southeast of Shebinkarahisar1831144PI 121149
460PI 121152 No. 3304Lathyrus gorgoni Parl. Gaziantep, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED06/01/193625km southof Gaziantep1831147PI 121152
461PI 121153 No. 3305Lathyrus gorgoni Parl. Gaziantep, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED06/01/193610km west of Gaziantep1831148PI 121153
462PI 121154 No. 3403Lathyrus gorgoni Parl. Ankara, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED06/25/19363km west of Ankara1831149PI 121154
463PI 121157 Lathyrus aphaca L. Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED08/07/193686km southeast of Susheri1831152PI 121157
464PI 121159 No. 727Lathyrus aphaca L. Muğla, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED05/28/1936Lake bottom, 50km southeast of Mugla1831154PI 121159
465PI 121160 No. 749Lathyrus gorgoni Parl. Denizli, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED05/30/193610km north of Tavas1831155PI 121160
466PI 121162 No. 754Lathyrus setifolius L. Denizli, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED05/30/193610km south of Denizli1831157PI 121162
467PI 121163 No. 800Lathyrus gorgoni Parl. Burdur, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED06/03/193625km south Burdur1831158PI 121163
468PI 121164 No. 1074Lathyrus aphaca L. İzmir, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED06/10/193640km northwest of Izmir1831159PI 121164
469PI 121165 No. 1095Lathyrus annuus L. Manisa, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED06/11/19362km south of Kirkagach1831160PI 121165
470PI 121166 No. 1097Lathyrus gorgoni Parl. Manisa, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED06/11/19362km south of Kirkagach1831161PI 121166
471PI 121170 No. 1480Lathyrus annuus L. Maras, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED07/03/193630km southeast of Marash1831165PI 121170
472PI 121171 No. 1609Lathyrus aphaca L. Diyarbakır, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED07/07/193630km west of Diyarbekir1831166PI 121171
473PI 121172 No. 1648Lathyrus gorgoni Parl. Diyarbakır, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED07/09/193620km south of Diyarbekir1831167PI 121172
474PI 121176 No. 1792Lathyrus aphaca L. Elazığ, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED07/14/193635km southwest of Elaziz1831171PI 121176
475PI 121178 No. 2113Lathyrus hirsutus L. Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED08/08/1936106km east of Sivas1831173PI 121178
476PI 121184 No. 3454Lathyrus gorgoni Parl. Ankara, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED06/28/1936Alma Dag, 30km southeast of Ankara1831179PI 121184
477PI 121277 No. 1889Lathyrus aphaca L. Malatya, Turkey Historic1936COLLECTED07/17/193644km north of Malatya1831311PI 121277
478PI 121280 No. 2204-ALathyrus aphaca L. Turkey Historic1936COLLECTED08/07/193686km southeast of Sivas1831314PI 121280
479PI 121284 No. 2339Lathyrus gorgoni Parl. Trabzon, Turkey Historic1936COLLECTED08/10/193650km south of Trabzon1831318PI 121284
480PI 121288 No. 609Lathyrus ochrus (L.) DC. İzmir, Turkey Historic1936COLLECTED05/23/1936Izmir bazar1831322PI 121288
481PI 122683 No. 1081Lathyrus annuus L. İzmir, Turkey Historic1937COLLECTED06/10/193640km northwest of Izmir1834167PI 122683
482PI 123446 Lathyrus aphaca L. France Historic1937COLLECTED1836458PI 123446
483PI 138913 MashukLathyrus cicera L. Fārs, Iran Historic1940COLLECTED12/17/1939Isin, Laristan1861683PI 138913
484PI 138914 KholarLathyrus cicera L. Kermān, Iran Historic1940COLLECTED01/01/1940Saidabad1861684PI 138914
485PI 138915 Karui kohiLathyrus cicera L. Kermān, Iran Historic1940COLLECTED02/01/1940Dehidisk1861685PI 138915
486PI 138916 KaruLathyrus cicera L. Iran Historic1940COLLECTED02/05/1940Tomogaon1861686PI 138916
487PI 138917 KaruLathyrus cicera L. Iran Historic1940COLLECTED02/05/1940Tomogaon1861687PI 138917
488PI 138918 No. 5520Lathyrus cicera L. Iran Historic1940COLLECTED02/07/1940Tomogaon1861688PI 138918
489PI 138919 KaruLathyrus cicera L. Iran Historic1940COLLECTED02/07/1940Tomogaon1861689PI 138919
490PI 141541 No. 6005Lathyrus aphaca L. Kermānshāh, Iran Historic1941COLLECTED05/13/1940Cheshmashirin1866278PI 141541
491PI 143600 No. 8007Lathyrus annuus L. Lorestān, Iran Historic1941COLLECTED06/17/1941Kebara1869477PI 143600
492PI 143601 No. 8022Lathyrus annuus L. Lorestān, Iran Historic1941COLLECTED06/17/1941Kebara1869478PI 143601
493PI 143602 No. 8023Lathyrus annuus L. Lorestān, Iran Historic1941COLLECTED06/17/1941Kebara1869479PI 143602
494PI 143605 No. 8021Lathyrus aphaca L. Lorestān, Iran Historic1941COLLECTED06/1941Durud1869482PI 143605
495PI 144954 No. 39.2150Lathyrus magellanicus Lam. Lima, Peru Historic1942COLLECTED32001877750PI 144954
496PI 149903 No. 14.138Lathyrus macropus Gillies ex Hook. & Arn. Mendoza, Argentina Historic1944COLLECTED1884666PI 149903
497PI 150826 No. 186Lathyrus pubescens Hook. & Arn. Uruguay Historic1945COLLECTED1887780PI 150826
498PI 151458 No. 186Lathyrus pubescens Hook. & Arn. Cerro Largo, Uruguay Historic1945COLLECTEDCerro de las Cuentas1888559PI 151458
499W6 44159 AK930-240Lathyrus japonicus Willd. subsp. maritimus (L.) P. W. Ball Alaska, United StatesW6SEEDNot Available2012WILD1900580W6 44159

The NPGS distributes plant germplasm to professional scientific research individuals and organizations, and verified plant breeders. Requests from producers and educators will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but only when NPGS germplasm that is not readily available from commercial sources is a justified requirement. NPGS germplasm is not available for individual, home, or community gardening. Requests to support educational objectives are typically considered only for college-level projects. Please view the short video on the NPGS for more details.