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Query Nodulation Data in GRIN Taxonomy

Nodulation data reflect positive and negative literature reports of nodulating bacteria from roots and stems, primarily from taxa of Fabaceae. The data may be queried by family classification or by genus and species; either search type can be combined with geographical distribution.
Note: Searches returning more than 1000 rows will be automatically downloaded to an Excel file.
Use the Shift key + s, n or d to navigate between tabs, and the Shift + f or g to switch between family and genus search.

The NPGS distributes plant germplasm to professional scientific research individuals and organizations, and verified plant breeders. Requests from producers and educators will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but only when NPGS germplasm that is not readily available from commercial sources is a justified requirement. NPGS germplasm is not available for individual, home, or community gardening. Requests to support educational objectives are typically considered only for college-level projects. Please view the short video on the NPGS for more details.